DigitalONE is a Social Content Peer Network; generation - 3.0 Young teens coming of age create and share their stories using a unique lifestyle content hub! DigitalONE is driving a new cultural experience by providing a real place--a highly disruptive guide path of authentic social engagement, interaction and excitement.

The next "Destination"; Expressive individual content--shared, collaborative, the intersection of creative engagement. A true paradigm shift: their on-demand content is now a destination to be consumed, shared and experienced socially through their personal technology or live, face-to-face at the mall or theater.

Young Teens Empowered; Individual voices are rewarded for their creativity and helped to grow with lifestyle platforms and social media tools that are connected, engaged and purposefully designed to grow young teens' collective voices!

A Safe Online Community where young teens can create personal branding; a proud, strong cultural identity where they belong; receive peer feedback; all while interacting, learning, growing, having fun and being entertained!

A Safe Local Experience; D1 provides a real destination where young teens can be seen, heard, come together and be socially engaged: all built upon trust and a unified independence.

That's D1

DigitalONE Network LLC is a privately held company, based in Chicago, Illinois, driven by a highly passionate, focused, seasoned management team.

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